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Nathan Cummins is an award-winning composer, orchestrator, conductor, and performer, based in Adelaide, South Australia. He specialises in crafted orchestration for video games, film, and television with a focus on live and vibrant textures across multiple genres and mediums. His original works have been performed by ensembles including the Australian String Quartet, the Elder Conservatorium Wind Orchestra, and the Gold Coast Philharmonic Orchestra, and his orchestrations have been used in concerts and recording sessions throughout the world.

Nathan's research interests include accessible forms of music performance using virtual reality technologies and he was awarded his Doctor of Philosophy in Sonic Arts and Music Composition from the Elder Conservatorium of Music in 2021. Previously, he graduated with a Bachelor of Music (Composition) with First Class Honours, studying under Graeme Koehne, John Polglaise, Charles Bodman Rae, and Luke Harrald.

Nathan is an active member of the Adelaide music scene and is amongst Australia's leading directors, arrangers, and organisers for concerts involving music related to video games. As a player of many different instruments, he has instrumental residencies in ensembles of various genres and has appeared as a session musician on many studio recordings. He is the Artistic Director of the Woodville Concert Band.

Nathan is currently composing music spanning many genres, from Electronic and Classical to Jazz and Big Band, for a number of creators around Australia, including film directors, dance choreographers, game designers, studio producers, composers, and lyricists. He is always keen to be involved in new projects, whether composing, orchestrating, conducting, recording, or performing.


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Frontier Quest
Guardian Dragon (Phase 1)
Lucie's Potager
Title Theme
Dance music (orchestral)
Norma (Extended Version)
String Quartet
String Quartet No. 1
Commissioned Works (Wind Ensemble)
Centenary Fanfare
A Cappella Vocal Ensemble
Odi et Amo
Meowing Point
The Meowing

Selected Current or Recent Projects

Composer and Sound Designer
Roc's Odyssey
Composer and Sound Designer
Dungeons and Dining Tables
Composer and Sound Designer
Lucie's Potager
Brass Arrangement (Junkle), Orchestration (Circus)
Music Transcription and Preparation
Submerged: Hidden Depths

Selected Achievements


Meowing Point (2023)
The Meowing
Single track for the final act of the game Meowing Point developed by Francisco Martinez
Lucie's Potager (2023)
Composer and Sound Designer
Developed by Stellar Advent
Scooter (2022)
Directed by John deCaux at Six Foot Four Productions
Frontier Quest (2021)
Composer and Sound Designer
Developed by Stellar Advent
TOHU (2021)
Brass Arrangement (Junkle), Orchestration (Circus)
Composed by Christopher Larkin
Submerged: Hidden Depths (2020)
Music Transcription and Preparation
Composed by Jeff van Dyck
Down to Earth (2020)
Directed by Nick Crowhurst
Awoken (2019)
Principal Orchestrator
Composed by Christopher Larkin, Directed by Daniel J. Phillips
Barbecue (2017)
Additional Orchestration
Composed by Christopher Larkin, Directed by Matthew Salleh
Ella (2013)
Directed by Jess Cahill
Winner of the NASA Humans In Space Art Challenge, viewed in the International Space Station


Independent Short Awards
Silver Award for Best Original Score with Scooter (April 2022)
City of Charles Sturt
Nomination for Young Citizen of the Year (26 January 2022)
Elder Conservatorium of Music Director's Award
Excellence in orchestration and active community involvement with the Woodville Concert Band (2014)
South Australian Screen Awards
Nomination for Best Composer with Ella (2013)
Governor of South Australia
Special Interest Music Centre Award - awarded by His Excellency Rear Admiral Kevin Scarce (2011)
ASME National Representative
South Australian Young Composer Representative in the Australian Society of Music Educators Bi-annual National Conference (2011)
Young Composers Awards
Multiple awards in various categories ranging from first to second place (Australian Society of Music Educators 2010-2014)

Notable Performances and Involvements

Music With Motion
Music With Motion, performed by the Woodville Concert Band is a performance for the Adelaide Fringe Festival directed and conducted by Nathan, complete with his own entirely original arrangements (2017-2021, 2023-2024)
Elder Conservatorium Wind Orchestra
Centenary Fanfare - a commissioned work for the Woodville High School Wind Ensemble (2015)
Aimee Brown
Norma with choreographer Aimee Brown (2013)
Australian String Quartet
String Quartet No. 1 at the Young Composers Forum (2012)
Gold Coast Philharmonic Orchestra
Allegro Animato (2011)

Ensemble Residencies

Woodville Concert Band
Artistic Director/Conductor
Adelaide Big Band
Trumpet and Flugelhorn
The Bigfoot Collective
The Megatonix
Trumpet and Flugelhorn

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